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                    PICKLEBALL Offerings





       NEW: PICKLEBALL PUNCH CARDS now available good for 10 visits

                   Daytime/Weekday Pickleball Punch card: $40

                   Evening/Weekend Pickleball Punch card: $60


      NEW: We are now using SignUpGenius to allow players to signup for the days/times they are planning on playing.

                Add your name now to the days/times that work best for you and encourage your friends to do the same.  SignUp to play HERE!


      NEW: Tryout our new Outdoor Pickleball Courts!  Tyngsboro Sports Center now has 3 Outdoor Lined Pickleball Courts.

                 Outdoor courts are located behind the right, backside of the building. Bring a group of friends and come play outside.

                 Nets will be kept inside for now, so if you'd like to play, please check in at the concession stand inside,  grab a net, set it up and play!


      Mid-week Pickleball Play

              This session is for anyone who would like to learn to play pickleball or brush up on their game.  

                  You will learn by playing and find that you will catch on quickly!  Players will rotate partners and play games and 

                  there will be plenty of time to work on different skills with individual instruction as needed.

                   Bring your own paddles or use ours!   Class size will be limited.  Drop-ins welcome as space allows : $7/player

                                  Mondays: 2pm-4pm, Apr 15th - May 20th, 6 weeks, Cost $30       Register Here    

                                  Mondays - Fridays: 10am-noon, ongoing                                            SignUp Here

                                  Mondays - Fridays: 1pm - 3pm, ongoing                                             SignUp Here


       Evening Pickleball Play: 7 week sesssion,  Cost: $49   

                 Players will play games, rotating partners and courts as the night goes on.  This session is open to all players looking

                 for the opportunity to play. Courts will be designated for Recreational and Competive play.  Bring your own paddles or use ours!    

                  Drop-ins as space allows : $10/player, or purchase a Pickleball Punch Card: $60 for ten evening sessions to be used for any evening/weekend Pickleball Play.


                               Wednesdays: 6pm-8:00pm, Apr 17th - May 29th          Register Here.     Drop-ins: SignUp Here

                               Thursdays: 6pm-8:00pm, May 2nd - Jun 13th              Register Here       Drop-ins: SignUp Here

                               Fridays: 6pm-8:00pm, **Apr 26th - Jun 14th                Register Here        Drop-ins: SignUp Here

                                                  **No pickleball on May 24th for Memorial Day weekend


         *Private Pickleball lessons available upon request

              Contact Eileen at eileen@tyngsborosportscenter.com to setup private lessons or semi-private lessons for a group.


       Drop-in Times: Mon - Fri, 10am - noon

                                 Mon - Fri, 1pm - 3pm

                                 Cost: $5/player or purchase a Pickleball Punch Card: $40 for ten daytime sessions to be used for any midweek/daytime Pickleball Play.

                     For the more advanced players, intermediate level and above, who would like to just show up and play with a group. Nets will need to be setup and taken down

                when done playing.  IF you are looking for a group to play with during one of these time frames, email eileen@tyngsborosportscenter.com to get your name in a player pool.


        Reserve a court: 

                   Pickleball courts may be reserved in advance for $45/hr (3 courts for $85/hr).  Please call 978-649-9393 for availability


             Pickleball courts are located at our new facility, 500 Potash Hill Rd, Tyngsboro, MA            


               Pickleball is a sport for all ages and skill levels. It is a paddle sport that combines many elements of tennis,

                badminton, racquetball and ping-pong. The rules are simple and easy for beginners to learn. While many

                players enjoy the social aspects of the game and the ability to stay active in their towns and communities, other

                more competitive players really enjoy the quick, fast paced nature of the game. Pickleball is played on a

                badminton-sized court with a slightly modified tennis net, a paddle and a plastic ball with holes. Pickleball can

                be played either as doubles or singles. 

              For the official USAPA Pickleball rules download HERE